Hidden Layers of Perception –  a hand bound photo book

For my second self-published book, I chose a different approach. I ordered the unbound printed pages from a local printing company and then did the binding, covers and some additional pages on transparent paper myself. The result is a 21 x 21cm 40 pages booklet with 30 images of multiple exposure photography with open spine binding.
The photography is based on the theme of changing perception in well known local landscapes. 25 copies were printed and bound. A few copies are still available. Please contact me if you’re interested. Some more details can be found at the end of the video below.

More images from the project can be seen in the following album:

My first photo zine: Silence

In 2021, I had collected a number of self-published photo zines, all wonderfully designed and curated little booklets, mostly printed and produced by photographers in the UK. Until this point, I had created several handmade books, and although I still love this process, it is also quite time intensive and the number of books that I can make in my free time is limited. Thus, I decided to try my luck with self-publishing a photo zine, which is presented below.

My first self-published photo zine is based on my project ‘Silence’ from which I had also created a hand made book. I had already put some thought and effort into the editing for this book and could build on that. Further thought made me aware of the common theme of this project, which is fog and its links to mythology, as well as the effect that experiencing locations shrouded in deep fog has on me. Thus, I had the topic and image material for my zine. I made some changes to the number of images and the sequencing, wrote an introduction and interlaced the images with titbits of mythology knowledge to keep the interest of the viewer. Lastly, I looked for a printing house in Germany where I ordered 66 copies of my booklet, which sold out within 6 weeks. Altogether, this was a very instructive and satisfactory experience that I hope to repeat one day.

Below you can have a look through the digital version of my booklet.