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The Felsenmeer is located on the Felsberg in the low mountain range Odenwald. It is a rocky landscape of dark grey quartz diorite created through woolsack weathering, which are layered across a hillside between old beech trees.

The Felsenmeer is supposedly a nature conservation area. It is part of the Natura 2000 protection network of the European Union and part of the  UNESCO Global Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald. Despite all of these labels, beech trees are still being felled by heavy intrusive machinery for economic reasons and the fragile ecosystem of the area is endangered.

The Felsenmeer forest is an area of outstanding beauty and deserves protection and conservation. Please sign this petition to help raise awareness and to stop forestry use.

More information on the urgency of the situation can be found here.

Legend of the Felsenmeer

Two giants are said to have lived in the Reichenbach area. One lived on the Felsberg and was called Felshocker (Rock-sitter), while Steinbeißer (Rock-biter) lived on a mountain called Hohenstein. The valley Lautertal divided their empires.
One day they got into an argument and started throwing stones at each other. Steinbeißer had more throwing material available, which gave him the advantage. Thus Felshocker was buried beneath rocks. According to legend, you can sometimes still hear him roar under the sea of rocks.
On the Hohenstein there is a single rock wall that is said to have been the last wall of the other Steinbeißer’s house.